hipaa-compliant-blue1If you’re like most healthcare providers, you’ve been complying with HIPPA for quite a while. You understand that personal health information (PHI) can’t be emailed without encryption.

But, do your employees know this? It’s easy to let seemingly innocuous information slip through the cracks and be sent out via email. This leaves you wide open to audits and business-crippling fines. And the worst part, a breach is often unintentional and well-meaning.

For example, one of our clients in the Pittsburgh area was emailing patient’s appointment reminders. Sometimes a reminder would include information about the treatment that was going to be performed, for example, “Remember to not have any food or drink other than water to prepare for your blood sugar test.” We implemented an educational program and an automatic encryption process for emails to their clients to protect them from this becoming a serious issue. They can still tell patients what they need to know and still be in full compliance with the law.

Do you have the systems and education in place to protect yourself?

Invite us to come in and have a conversation with you about how to protect yourself. It’s free and the conversation will bring you peace of mind and protection from audit issues.

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Encryption & HIPAA Compliance

Healthcare organizations that are “Covered Entities” under HIPAA are expected to secure protected health information (PHI) sent by email using reasonable and appropriate encryption technology. And in the event that PHI is lost or stolen, encrypted data is exempted from fines and consumer and agency notification by most regulations.

We have the expertise and resources to help you comply, and our service will automatically encrypt messages and attachments that contain PHI. This is done automatically, which is important, because most breaches of PHI are accidental.

With our expert services, you can be compliant very quickly.

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